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Another random dream

Once again, my good friend Angus and I are doing the things we do… But on this occasion it involves tanks.

So in our arsenal we have 2 tanks, we decide it’s a good idea to just go for a friendly tank drive well knowing the consequences, we continue….  Once arriving at our grassy park like location with the every growing threat of authorities arriving, we start to come up with a mixture of what to shoot. 

Inside my tank with my rifle next to me(i have a rifle btw) we decide that vodka drenched tank bullets that we set on fire to shoot would be the best option. So as we start to unload our ammo on on the grassy trees around us… By the time we unload a few  fire vodka bullets, i start to see a massive dude with a tank destroying sniper rifle walking towards us.

He’s not happy and we casually walk away from the tanks with the best poker face known to mankind, but because his eyes work he’s seen us get out of the tanks etc and this fails.

So once the army and police and everyone arrives to tell us that we are screwed for life and our mums are there for some reason, i use the power of my brain to delete all the army and shit people around to continue the tank party. 

By this time night has fallen and there is a party happening in the vodka fire park that we created. It continued with police arresting other people, a famous dude giving me his phone cuz he can trust me until he gets out of prison, and a guy who pretended to be a quadriplegic as a front to have sex with his ex-wife.

The end.

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